Tips to prevent hair from sweating while running

keep hair sweat free

While you are exercising, sweating is the method of how the body regulates the temperature and if there is no sweat then you will die due to overheating. When your body is heated, automatically the brain’s hypothalamus will send a signal to your skin’s pores to produce moisture that is called sweat and this sweat is made of sugar, ammonia, salt, and water. This sweat will get evaporate in the air that cools your body from overheating and keep the body at a safe temperature.

During the above moisture process, your head also will get sweat and that makes your hair look dirty which also makes your face dull. Therefore, it is best for you to take some measures to prevent hair from sweating while running or exercising.

Steps to do to keep your hair free from sweat

On the roots of the hair, spray dry shampoo before you have started running as this dry product will help to absorb the moisture that appears. In a lot of shampoos, silicon is found which is a polymer and it gives you an illusion of gloss and shine. This silicon-based hair product will make your hair look dirty as it attracts the sweat and dirt. Therefore, to keep hair sweat free, it is best for you to avoid the hair product that has silicon in it.

Always before exercising, secure your hair with elastics bands, pins, or clips to keep it away from touching with hands and face as the oils from face and hands can be easily absorb by the hair and it looks dirt.


Steps to do to keep your hair strong

Do not wash your hair often as breakage will increase and also do not leave your hair free while you are exercising instead make a bun or plate. Eat healthy food such as fish, greens, liver, banana, nuts, oats, and eggs for healthy hair growth.