Five Trendy Blonde Hair Color Ideas

blonde hair color

These days people love to color their hair into different colors. Especially girls these days prefer blonde hair colors. Blond hair color shades are easier to get and look equally exquisite. Today we are going to discuss the top 5 trendy blonde hair ideas.

5 Trendy Blonde Hair Color Ideas

blonde hair color

Baby blonde (bubble pink) hair color

This baby blonde hair color gives bubble pinkish shade to your hair; it is a very girly hair color, which trendy blonde hair color shade. It provides a Barbie doll look and goes with every face cut. Most teenagers prefer this hair color to look different and cute.

Champagne blonde hair color

Champagne blonde hair color is a warm and cool hair color; its champagne tone gives fairy tale vibes. It looks good on every skin tone and face cut. The preferred shade is more than 50% of people who want a hair color with low maintenance and evergreen.

Butter blonde hair color

This Butter blonde hair color is exquisite and rare; it needs high maintenance, trending blonde hair color. It has butter and golden tones, which is unique and beautiful, as it instantly changes a person’s vibe. If any girl wants to try a different blonde shade, definitely try this butter blonde hair color shade.

blonde hair color

Pearl blonde hair color

Pearl’s blonde hair color is an extra blonde hair color between pale yellow and light grey color. These days it is very trendy, and people say “platinum-blonde hair trend” Most actresses and actors are jumping into the trend and getting this hair color done. It gives a pearl color effect in your hair that is an eye-catching color. If you want to grab attention from others, go for this shade.