Benefits of drinking green tea at night

In fact, drinking a warm cup of tea is one of the healthy options you can add to your bedtime routine. The green tea has obtained more disrepute for its disease that stop potential. However, drinking green tea before bed can be a good thing for your health. Typically, the green tea has a difficult chemical makeup that involves the following advantageous nutrients such as:

  • Rich in manganese
  • L-theanine amino acid
  • Contains chromium, selenium and zinc
  • Alkaloids and antioxidants
  • Vitamins A, D, C, H, K, B, E and B5 in different quantities
  • Contains a most powerful antioxidant such as epigallocatechin-3-gallate

The green tea is a most famous hot beverage with several health benefits. Now, the new trend is to drink tea at night. The fansinsist it to support them obtain a better night’s sleep and also wake up feeling more refreshed. Drinking green tea at night comes with some downsides, so it might not be good for everyone. The amazing benefits of drinking green tea before bed are given below:

cup of tea

  • Sleep well
  • Minimize the risk of cancer
  • Benefit from enhanced cardiovascular health
  • Burn fat and lose weight
  • Feel less stressed, depressed and anxious
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Good oral hygiene
  • Minimized the skin of developing Alzheimer’s disease
  • Glowing skin and healthy hair
  • Boosted the brain power

Should you drink green tea at night?

There is some evidence that the body is good able to absorb the nutrients during sleep, but the variance is probable insignificant. If you select to drink green tea before bed, you will surely enjoy the possible benefits at any time of the night or day. Even some people may experience the peaceful effect after drinking a warm cup of tea before going to bed. Also, it is much essential to pick a tea that is free of sleep-disrupting caffeine. You must even prevent adding sugar to your green tea before the bedtime, since the sugar can endorse sleeplessness.


The green tea is surely an amazing beverage, but the moderation is a key to earn in the utmost benefits from it. Before your bedtime, you should remember to drink a cup of green tea minimum one hour to stop yourself from the frustrating feeling of getting up late in the night to use bathroom. Thus, benefits of drinking green tea at night can also support your body to burn the fat and fight against illness while you sleep and rest.