Top 5 simple exercises for better sleep

fall asleep

Improving the health is a challenging task for many people, especially those who spend most of their time in their work. Many people suffer from sleep related problems and require guidelines to enhance their way to get better sleep. They have to know and follow the simple exercise for better sleep hereafter. You have to avoid heavy dinner especially late night when you like to get better sleep. You must reduce the consumption of caffeine products in any form. The following details explain you the main exercises for better sleep.

Easy bodyweight exercises

The temperature of the body rises with exercises. This temperature also drops with the post-exercise cool down. If you like to fall asleep without difficulty, then you can do easy bodyweight exercises. It is too difficult to run, engage in the usual strength training session, hit workout to end an hour before your bedtime. You can stick to the light bodyweight exercises include, but not limited to some sets of sit-ups or legs raises for alleviating the tightness in the hips and get breathing methodically.

bodyweight exercises

Yoga exercises

Some yoga movements are helpful a lot to improve the sleep in different aspects. You can do some yoga exercises before bed. Salabhasana yoga pose is used to reduce the stress and increase the sleep. This exercise relaxes muscles in the back and stomach, relieves back pain and indigestion problem. Supta Baddha Konasana supports you to reach a good state of relaxation within 10 minutes and improves your sleep.


Your body will create reflex when you meditate before bed and this exercise is a good method to quiet the mind, gets relaxed, and improves the sleep. Do some trial and error to find whether meditation supports you to enhance the sleep or improve the energy required for work. Turn off stimuli in the bedroom, power down electronics, turn off or dim the lights and get rid of distractions before start meditating for sleep.

Visualization exercises

Almost everyone with an aim to quit the day’s stresses can prefer and do visualization exercises. This is because these exercises help fall asleep faster. Regular practices are important to get the desired result from these exercises. You can count to 100 and distract your brain. You can do any other exercise which gets your brain to slow down.


Lie on the front and arch the back to the comfort level to get a stretch. Butterfly stretches before bed aid in the enhanced sleep.