7 natural methods to detox your hair

Actually, detox means nothing but the fresh start that your hair needs in which detox helps in removing not only grime and dirt from your hair but it also build up the growth of your hair. If the layer of gunk is not removed from your hair, then you will not be getting the complete benefit of hair care routine.

So, the routine detox helps in cleansing your hair from the gunk and makes it to be more healthy and susceptible to other hair care treatments. In which the healthy and clean scalp is the key factor to the shiny, gorgeous and thick hair when you scalp is unhealthy, full of toxins and inflamed then your hair will become thin, dull and weak. The following are the 7 natural methods to detox your hair to get healthy, thick and stronger hair.

cleansing your hair

  • It is best to rinse your hair with lime juice
  • Apply cinnamon and honey scalp tonic
  • Do scalp massage
  • Lime and cucumber scalp detox
  • Apply baking soda cleansing mask
  • Clay scalp detox
  • Sea salt scalp scrub

Why you need to detox your hair often?

A hair and scalp detox process helps you in removing the gunk and toxins from your hair scalp, unclogs your hair follicles and balance the scalp pH and natural oils present in your hair. Now days there are many natural ways through which you can detox hair scalp at home and avoid visiting to the parlors.

Detoxing the scalp will renew and rejuvenate the hair follicles and create a perfect environment for hair growth. As like the rose plant you hair requires the right PH balance, vitamins, minerals, nutrients and moisture to grow and flourish only then your hair will be growing thick and stronger. So it is very important that you should have the healthy foods rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients for healthy growth of your hair.